Farmer phone-in Consultancy

On 4 March 2010, for the first time in Cambodia, an exciting and informative rural radio talkback show hit the airwaves.

Called Farmer Opportunity, 'the radio series farmers must not miss', this is an FLD initiative. The series of 22 live programmes gives farmers and others in the agricultural industry the opportunity to both listen and take part in discussions about Cambodian farming.

Farmer Opportunity is broadcast live by Radio Sarika on 106.5 FM and aims to help farmers improve farm production, incomes and living conditions. The programmes will be moderated by Lim Thida in the Voice of Democracy (VOD) studios in Phnom Penh. Talking to Thida are farmers, agriculture advisors, rural businesspeople, and commune leaders, NGO field workers and representatives from provincial government departments. Callers who want to state their opinions, and ask questions are welcome. The series wants to encourage people to discuss farming as a business, think of ways they could boost their income and, therefore, improve their livelihoods.

Farmer Opportunity is a partnership between FLD and the Cambodian Centre for Independent Media; funded by the Asian Development Bank through The Asia Foundation.

The key technical subjects

  Commercial pig production    IPM-integrated pest management
  Commercial chicken raising    PHM-Post harvest management
  Commercial duck raising    SRI-system of rice intensification
  Commercial vegetable production    Small business management
  Fish culture    Financial preparation
  Intergraded farming systems    Climate change
  Home gardening    Farm produce market information
  Mushroom production   

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