Community Organizing


  • Producer groups are formed, trained and support for collective benefits.

  • Support community to establish agricultural cooperative and cluster and provide them technical support to plan and manage businesses.

  • Increase price bargaining power for smallholders by establishing contract farming and collective points.

  • Organize farmer meet in order for them to mutually share their farming practices and improving farming business management..

  • Develop distribution and benefit sharing guidelines for farmers.

  • Support entrepreneurship skills (bookkeeping, business planning and management) for farmers.

  • Formal agricultural cooperatives are formed and supported for collective benefits.

  • Group buying and sharing of needed equipment.

  • Group sharing of needed water supply.

  • Group training on cooperative participation and management.

  • Support community to form and manager saving group and/ or self-help groups.

  • Members pool their savings.

  • Invest savings in business ideas within the group or outside of the group, if mutually decided.

  • Share idea about business practices and other problems solving solutions.

  • Provides book keeping and entrepreneurship skills to community.


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