SKIL (Support, Knowledge & inspiration for Life)

Support, Knowledge & inspiration for Life

evolved from FLD's Business Development Services (BDS) programme, first established by the NGO's agricultural staff in 2007. They aimed to create a commercial assgricultural extension service for individual farmers, client organisations and institutions, and it was very successful. In June 2010, BDS became known as SKIL (Support for Knowledge and Inspiration for Life) to improve both its visibility to clients and maintain its focus on livelihood skills development. SKIL is managed by a group of high calibre staff with a combined range of specialist skills in agriculture, small business management, and institutional capacity building. An FLD subsidiary, SKIL is fuelled by its full financial viability from its own services that are sold to satisfied, recurring clients. SKIL's aim is to improve the quality of life in rural communities with commercial training services for poor farmers and rural business people, helping them respond to market demands and promote employment, including that of marginalised young women.

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